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How to find an escort online?

Are you looking for an escort and don’t know where to find one or how to go about ordering a call girl. This article will assist you in having that great experience you are dreaming of.

First lets start with how do escort services work. Female sex workers provide a service of sex for profit. Pay them and you will get laid, well that’s how its supposed to be. Not all escort services online have respect for the customer or the women. Knowing the girl works for a reputable service means that she will have higher standards and provide the services you are expecting which usually comes with a price.

1. Find a local service with good escort reviews. ex. go to Google and type in the escort company name or the escort name. If bad reviews come up then don’t use them.

2. After finding an escort service online that makes you feel comfortable ask for the service rates. Different females have different rates. Due the fact escorting is not legal everywhere you want to be subtle about how you ask about the service. Obviously we know whey your calling.

The best thing about finding escorts online is that you can see there pictures and know exactly what to expect for the price. IF you like the girls looks and is what you want then ask her to come over or you visit the incall location. Warning there  is a trick called bait and switch where a hot picture will be used to lure men in. You call for the hot escort but the girl is not really her when they answer the door.

In this case you must decide if the female is a good enough substitute for the exotic beauty you were dreaming of or not interested in jabba the huts retarded cousin. If she is good then party on but in the latter case you must let them know immediately that  they are not the girl you ordered. DO NOT LET THESE HOOKERS TALK OR STEP INSIDE. Tell them sorry but you can send the right girl and I will hire her.

At this point many girls/ service will ask for a driver fee. Tell them they should have brought the right girl and the driver would have gotten paid. Instead you wasted everyone time. Do Not Pay a Driver free.

3. How to pay an escort?

When the sexy female you ordered shows up and your excited by the beautiful babe in front of you then you pay her the price discussed with the service. IF you are hiring an escort for extended periods of time then pay every few hours instead of all at once.